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ALD Automotive Bulgaria

Olena Tymofiyiva, CEO ALD Automotive Bulgaria

Mario was a closing speaker for our Annual Kick Off Meeting and I would like to recommend him as a true professional to work with from the beginning to the end.

First of all, Mario has invested his time and efforts and managed to really understand our needs and to tune his message to the topic of the meeting.

I would characterize Mario is an inspiring and charismatic speaker. He motivates the audience with his strong personal example, translated into the principles of persistence, team spirit and positive approach to lead the way of every person on their way to professional and personal success.

Mario’s story is a true showcase that a person is the master of his own destiny and that dreams become reality through devotion and hard work.

I would recommend the collaboration with Mario as a motivational speaker to companies who thrive for genuine inspiration from first-hand experience.

пилотът Марио Бакалов изнася мотивационна реч
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Volvo Group Bulgaria

Препоръка за Марио Бакалов от Volvo Group Bulgaria

Karin Johanson, Managing Director - Volvo Group Bulgaria

Mario Bakalov was invited as an inspirational speaker at our year end company meeting and it turned out to be a great success. He made a speech about his dreams and how determined he was to fulfill them despite drawbacks on the way. Also the importance of the team work, collaboration and communication in an aviation environment were in focus and we could draw very many parallels with our business segment and our company. He engaged the audience and the Q&A in the end never wanted to stop.

Mario took on his mission very seriously, we had several meetings with him to set the content right for our audience and he came very well prepared. Mario is also a very humble person and took on all sorts of questions with great respect.

The comments afterwards have been very positive, we are a diverse company with many different professions and the speaker was appreciated by all.

пилотът Марио Бакалов изнася мотивационна реч пред Volvo Group
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препоръка за пилота Марио Бакалов от Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Georgi Bisserinski, CEO - Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

It was a great pleasure for us to welcome Mr. Mario Bakalov as a special guest lecturer at the Annual cocktail of Club Investor, organized by Investor Media Group.

Within 30 minutes Mr. Bakalov made an inspirational presentation about the tough but satisfying path to success. Undoubtedly, the examples Mario shared, encouraged the audience and proved that with perseverance, clear vision and faith the impossible can be achieved.

Guests of the event were business representatives, executive directors of some of the largest companies in Bulgaria, entrepreneurs, partners of the media group. All of them were impressed by the personal approach and the ease with which Mr. Bakalov made his presentation.

His presentation outlined not only his exceptional professionalism but also his attitude to the work that is not just a duty but a passion and pleasure. This engagement also emerged in the answers to the questions he received after his presentation and his conversations with guests.

Investor Media Group would like to send its gratitude to Mr. Bakalov for his inspiring presentation that was highly appreciated by the audience.

пилотът Марио Бакалов изнася мотивационна реч - близък план
пилотът Марио Бакалов говори за мотивация на светско събитие

Motivational speech for 300 managers of CiBank including top management

“The goals set for our employees are extremely high and our task of motivating them is not an easy one. With Mario’s help and his incredible story and personal example, we showed them that there are no impossible things and one can climb the highest mountains through perseverance and diligence!

Mario is a great professional not only as a pilot but also as a lecturer. His communication skills, fresh charm and positivity turned our corporate event into a memorable experience for everyone who attended it.”

Peter Andronov, Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria

пилотът Марио Бакалов и две стюардеси от екипажа в самолетен хангар

EKO Bulgaria

“With the outstanding reputation of a competent and committed professional, Mario has significantly helped EKO promote its new fuel – Avio Diesel.

He brilliantly represents EKO at various media events and has impressed both our customers and our employees with his character and passion.”

Georgi Deyanov, Executive Director at EKO Bulgaria EOD

пилотът Марио Бакалов изнася реч

Lectures at BULATSA on human resource management, CISM and the challenges of A380 operation

пилотът Марио Бакалов получава награда от BULATSA

Receiveing an achievement award from Mr. Peter Danailov, Director of Sofia Center

пилотът Марио Бакалов с екип

Meeting with the General Director Georgi Peev and Deputy Director General Ivan Diaksov

благодарствено писмо към Марио Бакалов от BULATSA

Winner of the annual aviation SkyStars award „Ace Star“ 2016

пилотът Марио Бакалов развява българския флаг от прозореца на Airbus A380 след кацането му в София

16.10.2016 First A380 Landing in Sofia, Bulgari

Годишни награди за авиационната индустрия - Марио Бакалов


референция към Марио Бакалов от KATARZYNA

„Mario Bakalov is a motivational speaker, able to grab the audience with positivity, inspiration and personal example from his exceptional professional experience. In his meetings and lectures, Mario uses interesting patterns and examples in life and work, which encourage participants to believe in themselves and in their abilities and to be successful and purposeful. He is capable of explaining each topic in aviation in interesting, competent and accessible way. After talking with him, it can be easily overcome the fear of flying.

Tsvetelina Nikolova Managing Director of Katarzyna Estate Ltd


благодарствено писмо с препоръка към Марио Бакалов от ASTRAZENECA
Марио Бакалов - участие мотивационна лекция